Facilitation of learning: building connection, trust and understanding.

Facilitating is making things easier. That is what I have been striving for, from teaching, to managing teams, or leading groups through a process they need to go through. 

What types of facilitation do I offer? 

  • Facilitating connections between people: team building, retreats, work sessions, strategic planning, brainstorms, well-being sessions 
  • Facilitating connections between cultures and differences, virtually and in person 
  • Facilitating connections between the body, mind, and heart in socio-emotional learning (SEL) programming  
  • Facilitating learning processes: cohort based or team-based programming including curated or created content 
  • Trainings in facilitation of learning: how to make learning easier, more engaging, fun, safe, involving the entire learner, not only the brain, how to embrace being in the learning zone, stretched, how to practice growth mindset 
  • Facilitating connections between concepts, skills and tools through developing content and leading educational programs

Additionally, for almost twenty years I have been facilitating learning also by curating, designing, testing, implementing and overseeing innovative and multi-country educational programs (in person and online) for kindergarten to college-level youth and trainings for adults in the Americas, MENA Region and Europe. The content focused on 21st century skills, life skills, diversity and inclusion (including cross-cultural collaboration and communication), and sustainable development goals. 

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